Live Storytelling Coaching with Anna Vafeiadou

Julienne and Jerome discuss how storytelling has enhanced their guest’s presentation and leadership skills. Anna Vafeiadou is responsible for the legal sector of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in Greece.
As she had been increasingly asked to represent the work of the WWF through public speaking, she decided to enroll into a leadership development course at the MAVA foundation.
She then worked with Jerome on her story to include into her presentations for a variety of stakeholders.
In this episode, Anna shares her story, which starts in her childhood and spans in less than 5 minutes, her journey to where she is today at the WWF.
Julienne and Jerome then deconstruct her story, and ask Anna what she got out of telling her story, and what the process revealed to her.
If you’ve always wondered about the methodology behind the company, Narativ, this is a perfect opportunity to learn, and to find out how you can become a better storyteller in business.

Foundation where Anna developed her leadership skills: MAVA
WWF website
Anna’s profile on LinkedIn

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