Engaging people with Head of People Sasha Robinson

Jules and Jerome talk to Sasha Robinson, Head of People at Trainual, a company that codifies processes related to the people function of an enterprise, helping them to scale and grow, particularly around training and onboarding.
Sasha has grown teams everywhere she’s been, always paying attention to engagement and the best ways to meet employees where they are.
This episode tracks Sasha’s non-linear journey from working in a civil rights non profit organization to meeting someone who led her to her first role in the people function of a company.
On the way to Trainual, Sasha learned the best ways to engage people and help them grow and develop. She tells us about being an empath and how this has always been an asset for listening to people and understanding them, and how it’s also led to burnout, especially during the pandemic as suddenly so many more people were coming to her with their struggles. This was something that many of her peers in the people function were feeling at the time.
Sasha learned how to depersonalize decisions in order to achieve a better balance in her work.
She tells us how engagement has changed since 2020, the importance of balancing employee surveys with personalized conversations, activities, and the balance between in-person face time and online meetings.
She also shares that storytelling has been instrumental in gaining a deeper understanding of where people are at, what they expect, and what they want or need.
She tells us a story about an experience that has shaped who she is today, harking back to when she was just a teenager. A powerful story in which Sasha isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, a great example of the power of a story to connect and relate to someone on a human level.
If you’re wondering how to scale the people function of your company, or if you’re thinking about engagement strategies and tactics, this is a must-listen.

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