Differentiate yourself through storytelling

In this episode, we discuss the current market conditions, and mixed messages headlines are giving us. Especially for people in tech, there’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety coming from layoff announcements and talk of a recession in general.
So what do we do in the face of that?
Jerome and Julienne discuss the effectiveness and value of storytelling to help differentiate yourself when you’re seeking to express what your strengths are to a potential employer, or if you’re assessing where you are in your career.
Whether you’re telling yourself a story to identify what brings you joy and what you’re wanting to do more of, or whether you’re telling a story to an audience to persuade or convince them of your value, this episode will give you principles that you can immediately put into practice.
We also talk about the value of asking yourself the right questions, beginning with what kinds of questions you can ask yourself to elicit stories that will be relevant to your development and growth.
This episode is really our way of saying “We have your back!” no matter where you are in your career. This will make you think about your story(ies) in a new way, one that we hope will be very practical and actionable.

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