Data-Based DEI with Miranda McKie

“You would go into these leadership meetings and for everything else it would be “okay, let me see the financials, let me see the numbers associated with it”. But diversity, equity, and inclusion was, “how do you feel”, right? And it would be, “how do you feel”, because we talked to maybe the five people of color at our organization, and that’s how they feel.”


In this episode, Julienne and Jerome talk to Miranda McKie, founder and CEO of McKie consultants. She has a proven track record of utilizing data-driven techniques to identify and mitigate systemic institutional barriers that impact underrepresented groups. She has received many recognitions for her work, including the 2020 Catalyst Canada Emerging Leader Award. Most recently, she was featured as one of the Silicon Review’s top 50 leading companies in 2023. 


Miranda tells Julienne and Jerome about leveraging data to truly move DEI objectives forward and create meaningful change. We use data to understand every other part of business, so why not its people? They talk about the importance of having DEI business objectives and accountability at the organizational level, the purpose of storytelling to help understand and validate the data, and the necessity of carefully thinking about the timeframes for DEI objectives. Miranda also talks about how her own experiences as one of the few women in her field helped shape her career and her data-driven approach to DEI.



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