Dealing with Grief at Work

Sooner or later, we all go through it: grief and loss. How do we deal with grief and loss, in the workplace and beyond? How do we remember, or re-member, our loved ones and how do we help others when they are dealing with loss?

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk about grief and loss. They provide guidance for employers on how to help employees who are experiencing grief and loss and for those who are experiencing loss on how to communicate what they need. Jerome talks about how storytelling can help us when we are grieving, and Julienne tells us how you can help people experiencing loss by genuinely listening.

Grief and loss are common denominators, but every individual’s experience at any point in time is unique. This episode reminds us of the importance telling stories about our loved ones, asking people how we can help them, and asking for help when we need it.

For more on re-membering, please refer to the works of Barbara Myerhoff.

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