Data, Stories & Systemic Changes in Financial Health with Matt Bahl

“How do we get employers to say that their workers are not risks to be managed but humans worthy of investment and dignity? That is a fundamental shift in the way that benefits are designed and oriented in a lot of contexts.”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk to their first returning guest! Matt Bahl is the Vice President of Market Lead Workplace Financial Health at the Financial Health Network. In his role, Matt leads the development of new capabilities, strategies, and partnerships to help employers achieve their financial health goals, and he is a nationally recognized thought leader on workplace financial wellness. They talk about his deep commitment to ensuring that work is better for more people by helping to change the mental models and shape the systems that are essential to moving forward financial health. He talks about the status quo surrounding financial health and how the development of the economy, the job market, and our higher education system over the past few years has helped people reframe how we think about work and financial health. The impactful stories that help bring the data to life and help executives step out of their bubbles are also topics of discussion and Matt also tells a couple of those stories.

Tune in for an inspiring interview full of data on financial health and the current market combined with impactful stories of how financial health can be improved, both at a small and larger scale, to make work life better for everyone.


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