Curtis Bateman Author of Change: How To Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity

Change is often challenging, both for individuals and organizations. Why do we so often push back? And how can leaders help people through change?

In this episode, Jerome and Jullienne talk to Curtis Bateman, an internationally recognized presenter, content developer, change consultant, business leader, coach and author of ‘Change: How to Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity.’

Curtis explains why people so often oppose change, and how the starting point of change often determines whether people are excited to move through change. He argues that change is primarily a human endeavor rather than merely a process or workflow, and leaders are better positioned to help people move through the change and be successful if they have the right tools. This applies whether change starts with leadership or from the bottom up. Curtis tells us more about those important tools and frameworks, which will help leaders guide people through change and improve the quality and the speed of that change.

They also talk about the importance of storytelling for leaders and the similarities between the change model and the pattern of storytelling that led Curtis to use Harry Potter to illustrate the change model in his book.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about navigating both personal and organizational change and the importance of having curiosity and empathy throughout the process.


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