Creating Workplace Wellness by Increasing Emotional Intelligence with Erica Reed

“If you don’t know what to say and you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing, you say nothing. And then you have to have an awareness of what that nothingness is communicating.”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk to Erica Reed. She’s the founder of Leading Well Solutions, and she brings over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist and workplace wellness expert to help managers become inclusive leaders with higher levels of emotional intelligence, improved communication skills, and the ability to optimize the unique strengths of employees. They talk about her journey from being a therapist to leading a company that provides trauma-informed training and coaching in the workplace, which leads them to discuss the interaction between individual and collective identities, stories and trauma. If you don’t have the words to discuss certain topics you will stay silent and Erica explains how her training and coaching provides leaders with the tools to have difficult conversations in the workplace and create healthy relationships where people feel valued. These conversations often pertain to change, either personal or organizational, and they talk about the importance of leadership showing up at those moments.

Listen to this episode to learn more about trauma-informed leadership, healthy workplace culture and the fascinating connection between individual therapy and workplace dynamics.


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