Building a Business Based on Kindness with Christy Pretzinger

“When I first started my business, I said to my accountant at the time, if I can’t build a business based on kindness, then I’ll go back to being a freelance writer.”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk to Christy Pretzinger, a dynamic, visionary innovator who has transformed the landscape of healthcare content creation as the owner and CEO of WriterGirl. Christy has built an industry-leading organization that delivers top-notch content strategy and creation to the healthcare industry nationwide. Christy is also passionate about creating an environment where people can truly thrive and is dedicated to reinventing how businesses perceive the world of work and encouraging other entrepreneurs to do the same.

Christy tells Jerome and Julienne about how she went from intending to build a business environment based on kindness to creating that environment. She talks about the structures she put in place to ensure that employees know they matter, have a good life work (not work life!) balance, and can approach each other and clients with kindness and empathy. They also touch on her motivation to build her company like that and how self-awareness has been crucial for her growth as a leader and directly related to her company’s growth. Along the way, Christy shares examples of the concrete tools she has used to achieve her cultural goals, which you can also implement in your workplace.

Listen to this episode to become inspired by and learn from someone who truly turned intentions for good company culture into reality by setting up concrete structures and constantly ensuring that the financial balance sheet AND the cultural balance sheet look great!


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