Building A Better World of Work with Craig Forman

Julienne and Jerome were excited to discuss the science of people with Craig Forman, from Culture Amp, a company that is dedicated to improving employee engagement through tech and people. Craig’s purpose is to “build a better world of work”, through community building and technology in particular.

Craig discussed with us how he came to realize what needed to be fixed in the corporate world, working through adversity in his own life, starting with his parents’ divorce, and then learning what could be better in the corporate world through both “really bad jobs, and really great ones.”

Those experiences drove him to look at what made people happy in an organization, which led him to pursue and complete a master’s degree in an organizational psychology program.

What he’s been working on at Culture Amp is to create better workplaces at scale. Things are always more manageable with organizations of 20 or 30 people, but what about those with 500 or more? What falls through the cracks when an enterprise grows? What are the best practices that we know work in our lives, but are more difficult to put in place in organizations? How can technology help us?

You’ll hear some real world examples of success stories from Craig, as well as some more personal experiences that informed his own sense of purpose.

You’ll hear that purpose takes time to get defined, that it’s worth going on a journey of self discovery, and that it’s okay to take your time in figuring out your purpose, as long as you keep moving and learning. Inspiring stuff!

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