Bringing the Human Edge with Lisa Danels

“If each one of us is aligned in that space where we have access to our heart, head, and gut, we have an incredible capacity within ourselves and our organizations. We create more capacity than we could possibly ever use to solve the problems that are in front of us.”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk to Lisa Danels. She is the founder and executive director of Human Edge, author of “The Human Edge Advantage: Mastering the Art of Being All In” and senior executive talent and leadership consultant and coach. Lisa focuses on developing mindful and purpose-driven leaders, and in this episode, she tells Jerome and Julienne what led her to write her book and how she helps leaders bring their full self to work. She talks about the importance of looking at and knowing yourself and having the ability to be honest with yourself before being able to lead others and be honest with them too. They also discuss the importance of community, co-creation, and dialogue in an increasingly complex (business) environment.

Listen to this inspiring episode to hear more about the creation of truly shared leadership and creativity, the role of storytelling in that, and the importance of tapping into your heart, head, and intuition.



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