Brand Citizenship with Anne Bahr Thompson

Anne Bahr Thompson has a rich and layered background, from business school to banking to branding to research and advertising to purpose. Anne connects the dots between vying for profit and leading a purpose-driven company. The two are not incompatible, quite the opposite!
But she also notes that too many companies have gone overboard looking at their “why”, and not enough time has been spent looking at the “how.” How will you make your purpose a reality?
In this rich conversation, we look at how organizations can “Do good”, which is the title of Anne’s new book (see the notes for more on the book and where to find it), and what roles storytelling, research, data, strategy and branding play in making the purpose of a company happen.

Resources / Links:
Anne’s web site
Anne’s book “Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel both Purpose and Profit”
For more on why we tell stories: “The 7 basic plots: Why we tell stories”, by Christopher Booker
Start With Why, Simon Sinek TED Talk
For more on Peter Drucker

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