Innovating for Diversity

Better product development, greater innovation, and better performance- many companies and people see the benefits of greater diversity. But what if we flip the script around and apply a lens of innovation to diversity rather than view diversity as just another checkbox?

This is one of the ideas that Bertina Ceccarelli and Susanne Tedrick, the two guests in this episode, talk about in their new book ‘Innovating for Diversity: Lessons from Top Companies Achieving Business Success through Inclusivity’. In this episode, Jerome and Julienne speak with them about approaches to DEI and the difference that changing from a compliance and check-the-box approach to an innovation approach can make. By applying principles of innovation to DEI objectives, these objectives not only become an integral part of business, but conversations about DEI also get easier since there is a language that people can connect with in a way that perhaps they couldn’t with the language that was used previously. They also talk about the importance of change starting at the top, having buy-in from middle managers, and the need for a willingness to take risks.

Let our guests, and the stories they tell, inspire you to look at DEI from a different perspective and help you discover how you can build sustainable and effective DEI initiatives and drive change in your organization.


Buy ‘Innovating for Diversity: Lessons from Top Companies Achieving Business Success through Inclusivity’ by Bertina Ceccarelli and Susanne Tedrick here

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