Becoming AI Literate Citizens in a Global World with Melissa Drew

“In order for us to be AI literate, we have to be aware of what and how much data we’re creating. We have to understand when and how our personal data is being stored, shared, deleted, and sold to a third party. An AI literate citizen is someone who can feel confident that they understand how the data is being used in the products and services that they consume and interact with”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk to Melissa Drew, the founder of Simply Transformed, a company which guides digital transformation initiatives to leverage data strategies and AI technologies. She is also a founding member and committee chair for Women Leaders In Data & AI, TEDx speaker and thought leader. They talk about how being the only woman in the room led her to become a champion for women in the area of digital transformation before diving into what it means for people to become global AI literate citizens. She talks about how many Americans don’t realize they interact with AI daily and have been doing so for years, how ChatGPT only brought a certain type of AI to the forefront, and what it would take to make people aware of all the forms AI comes in and how it influences their day-to-day lives. They also tie this to storytelling and the ethical guidelines required to

They end the episode with a powerful personal story that will remind you of the strength in reinventing yourself and the power of having a personal advisory council filled with people who can provide you with different perspectives as you move through life.


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