Alexandre Seiler | Global People Leader

“People want choice, optionality, and flexibility. They don’t want to be told what to do.” 

In this episode, Julienne and Jerome sit down with Alex Seiler, a global people leader with over 15 years of experience transforming people functions and putting talent first at WeWork, Blue Shield of California, NBCUniversal, and Citi. He currently serves as Chief People Officer at GHJ and under his leadership, GHJ recently won the Transform “2023 People Activator: Employee Experience of the Year Award.”

They talk about the importance of accountability, psychological safety and making sure your values align with the values of your employer, the difference between facetime and in-person connectivity, how providing people with things they may need to stay physically and mentally healthy has become even more critical in today’s dispersed workforce, and many other things.

In one of many highlights in this episode, Alex shares a personal story about how feedback that he first perceived as negative ended up guiding his career. Alex doesn’t shy away from conveying his own experiences with mental health issues and why employee wellbeing has become such an important value in his own work.

Alex’ professional and personal stories contain a multitude of practical and tangible takeaways and whether you work in people operations or not, this episode is guaranteed to leave you with at least a couple new ideas for you to apply in your personal and professional life.


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