Business Storytelling Training

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Unique to Narativ, our methodology emphasizes listening as the starting point for effective group communication, also known to us as storytelling. A sensitivity to the “listening” of your team members or audience forms a critical part of building a foundation of understanding with them. In fact, the more listening and telling are in sync, the more that foundation supports the messages, data, or vision you seek to communicate.


We believe that personal stories are the most powerful form of storytelling. Personal stories are important in business storytelling training because they engage the brain’s natural sensitivity to stories (i.e., its neural hardwiring), which means they artfully and persuasively blend emotions and intuitive understanding with facts or data. Intensely relatable, personal stories are the building blocks for all of our work.


Our work is to identify the stories most relevant to your goals and train you to tell them, whether for your CEO’s speech to C-suite executives or as part of a sales team’s pitch to clients and customers. At the same time, storytelling is about much more than just stories: it’s an entire approach to how you shape the culture and legacy of your organization. To that end, we understand business storytelling as:

• a decision to handle knowledge in a unique way

• a process for achieving communication goals using that knowledge

• a creative act involving an exploration of employees’ experiences as they relate to your goals

• a social “play” in which all the players undergo transformation and deepen connection

• and finally, an adventuresome undertaking in business, where a little risk brings great rewards

Our Process

We begin by listening to understand the communication challenges you wish to solve with storytelling. Identifying storytellers and story themes is followed by crafting and presentation or capture on digital media. This process applies to the contexts of team building and internal communication, sales and leadership.

Workshops and coaching form the backbone of our deliverables. They can be delivered on site or via Zoom, and range in size from 12 people to 200. We provide follow-up coaching where the engagement requires. Depending on your needs, the mode of delivery and extent of continued training can be customized.

When we consider storytelling as a support for onboarding, it leads to a more complex analysis of your culture, values and mission as well as your existing learning and training process. Here outcomes can include creating learning modules in tandem with stories or building a story library.


Sales and Team-building Workshops and Coaching

Our business storytelling workshops focus on teambuilding, coaching and leadership, and sales. Learn more in the PDFs below.

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Coaching is personalized storytelling crafted by Narativ’s expert listeners/trainers.

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Sales Training

Connect personally to products and services—and listen more deeply to your clients.

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Team Building

Connect employees to one another to share your values and strengthen your mission.

“Narativ’s workshop brought to life the power of listening and storytelling in a unique way. They provided a fantastic activity that not only connected the audience emotionally but had a positive impact throughout the rest of the conference.”

—Senior Account Executive, Iris Worldwide for client meeting: Diageo

We hired Narativ to improve the listening and presentation skills of our auditors and foster cross-department collaboration. Narativ’s unique approach to improving communication through the age-old art of storytelling provided new tools and techniques we could put to work immediately. We got what we asked for and a whole lot more.

— Russell Charlton, Vice President, Internal Audit Global Team, Spectrum

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Turn your employees into storytellers capable of transforming your organization!