Listening and Leadership

Free Webinar. June 13, 2018. 1PM Eastern Time. Duration: 1 hour.


Leaders who listen gain a distinct performance advantage. They tap into employee sentiment, gain trust, and are better able to create impact. Join Murray Nossel, Jerome Deroy, and special guest, Trace Cohen, in a discussion about Listening and Leadership.

They will look at:

What it means to be a listening organization.
Steps toward changing how you listen in your company.

In his new book, Powered by Storytelling: Excavate, Craft, and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication, Murray articulates strategies for listening that should be standard tools in a leader’s toolbox. He argues that storytelling shouldn’t even begin until open listening has taken place. Through case studies, the book reveals how the practice of listening uncovers tensions, fears, and miscommunication within teams; lays a foundation for effective meetings; and creates bonds and trust between leadership and staff.

We are delighted to have Trace Cohen, CEO of 214 Agency, join us. She will bring in stories about the importance of listening in marketing and advertising with some of the world’s top brands. Jerome Deroy, Narativ’s CEO, who has taught Narativ’s listening method for 10 years to Fortune 500 companies joins as well and will facilitate what will be a lively and revelatory dialog about the importance of listening in business communication.