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Storytelling Training for Team Building


Break down barriers and rally around mission and values


A team building workshop in listening and storytelling that connects team members beyond title and roles. Individuals will leave with a renewed personal connection to mission and values.

The power of story
Storytelling is a fundamental act of the human experience—through listening to the stories of others we connect to their personal experiences and build bridges across our differences. The power of this ancient dynamic lives in our bones, we just need to learn how to activate it. To activate the power of story for your team, we design workshops specific to your needs that put our structured listening and storytelling method into practice.

How our training works
Team members will excavate, craft and present personal stories that express the why of what they do. Listening is emphasized as a means to deeply connect with the experiences of others. The workshop consists of four modules of instruction and reflection, break-out groups, and entire audience engagement exercises. A workbook contains best practices for continued team building, short daily exercises, and guidelines to continue these practices.

Our process
Discovery: Determine storytelling prompts. Identify, when applicable, storytelling representatives from the team.
Workshop: On-site or online.
Assessment: A post-workshop survey to measure impact.

Extended Training

Create Presentation-Ready stories: Transform selected stories from the workshop into presentation-ready stories with one-on-one coaching by a Narativ trainer. Use for pitches, presentations, sales, and leadership. In person or online.

• improve internal communication within or between teams (reduce silo-thinking)
• uncover dysfunctions, barriers and other obstacles to effective collaboration
• help employees and management connect to and express the mission and values of your organization
• build trust and understanding during moments of organizational change
• demonstrate the value of individual roles within the team and empower individual
• inspire teams to live up to their potential and improve productivity

Together, we can build a culture of storytelling in your organization.

Case Study
NY habitat logo Read the story of New York Habitat’s team training with Narativ.

The workshop is beautifully paced and elegantly facilitated. But the real magic, is what happens afterwards. How this work finds a way into your everyday life both professionally and personally. I cannot think of any industry sector that would not benefit from this important work.

Claudia Barwell

Director, Suklaa, Media and Education Company

We hired Narativ to improve the listening and presentation skills of our auditors and foster cross-department collaboration. Narativ’s unique approach to improving communication through the age-old art of storytelling provided new tools and techniques we could put to work immediately. We got what we asked for and a whole lot more.

Russell Charlton

Vice President, Internal Audit Global Team, Time Warner

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