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Powered by Storytelling

Listening and Storytelling Training for Team Building


Capture the spirit of your venture.


Narativ leads team building workshops in listening and storytelling often accompanied by inspirational keynotes from Murray Nossel, PhD, founder of Narativ and author of Powered by Storytelling: Excavate, Craft, and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication.

We are called in to address persistent organizational pain-points such as:

• improve internal communication within or between teams (reduce silo-thinking)
• uncover dysfunctions, barriers and other obstacles to effective collaboration
• help employees and management connect to and express mission and values
• demonstrate the value of individual roles within the team
• inspire teams to live up to their potential

How our training works
Storytelling reveals a universality to human experience, while listening is the modality by which we connect to those stories and the storyteller. This ancient dynamic resides in our bones and can be put to use to increase reciprocity and ownership within your organization. Employees thrive in a communication culture that is open and engaging, with trust and empathy as its core.

We achieve these objectives through our structured listening and storytelling method that allows participants to experience directly their connection to each other and an organization’s mission and values in a series of exercises. Workshops consist of four modules of instruction and reflection that take place within break-out groups and the entire audience. A workbook is provided with best practices for continued team building through short daily exercises and guidelines for meetings.

Format Options
4 or 6 hour workshop with Narativ trainers
Keynote with Murray Nossel, Ph.D.
Extended training on listening and meetings

Group size
12 – 250

Our process
Discovery session to determine workshop goals, themes and storytelling prompts, and identify, when applicable, storytelling representatives from the team. The workshop follows at your location or delivered in a live webinar. A post-workshop survey measures impact. Extended practice sessions in person with Narativ trainers or guided online matures the listening and storytelling competencies imparted in the workshop.

Clients use our trainings in broad categories of outcomes. Here’s some data on past uses.

uses of storytelling for team buildings








Case Study
NY habitat logo Read the story of New York Habitat’s team training with Narativ.

The workshop is beautifully paced and elegantly facilitated. But the real magic, is what happens afterwards. How this work finds a way into your everyday life both professionally and personally. I cannot think of any industry sector that would not benefit from this important work.

Claudia Barwell

Director, Suklaa, Media and Education Company


We hired Narativ to improve the listening and presentation skills of our auditors and foster cross-department collaboration. Narativ’s unique approach to improving communication through the age-old art of storytelling provided new tools and techniques we could put to work immediately. We got what we asked for and a whole lot more.

Russell Charlton

Vice President, Internal Audit Global Team, Time Warner

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