Listening and Storytelling Training for Sales and


Differentiate and Personalize your Products and Services

True customer-centricity begins with a personal connection. Your salespeople make that connection by telling a personal story about your product or service, adding value to traditional presentations. Both customers and salespeople benefit from the power of storytelling for sales.

What we do:
We design workshops and personalized coaching that will give your sales or marketing team a new communication paradigm that changes behavior and mindset. The stories they tell excavate, craft and present give them a more empathic and effective relationship with customers, adding value to the customer-acquisition process.

Our process

Discovery: Determine goals and storytelling prompts. Identify customer pain-points. When applicable, recruit storytelling 
representatives from the team.

Workshop: In-person on or off-site, or online through a live webinar. Participants learn the Narativ method in specific application to sales objectives through four modules that include individual and group work.

Assessment: A post-workshop survey to measure impact.


Presentation-Ready Stories: A 4-minute personal business-relevant story around an existing pain point that your product or service solves. It will have the details that matter, an emotional arc, and a powerful conclusion.

Synthesis and Strategy: An overview of our engagements with impact measures, opportunity areas and suggested strategies to further your storytelling practice and drive growth



  • Increase ability to communicate with efficiency and emotion
  • Transform dry market insights, complex brand strategies, and data-heavy decks
  • Move beyond clichés, jargon, and dry technical language
  • Tap into the emotional mindset of buyers, clients, and consumers
  • Connect personally and emotionally to your product/services/brand
  • Uncover untapped brand value and opportunity areas for growth and innovation
  • Discover connections between signature features and actual customer needs


Personal stories bring brands, products, and services to life.

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We thought successful pitches involved spending time with people and going through the features of the product, but Narativ allowed us to realize that the key was actually personalized stories and narratives.

Sales team member

Ingo Push Product Team, Ingo Money

ingo money case storyStories transformed the sales team’s pitches at IngoMoney, by humanizing a new product and the pain-points it addresses.

Download the case story.