Storytelling for Onboarding

Train New Hires with Stories from Their Peers

A common concern of the Human Resources and Learning officers we speak with is the need to scale training, allowing the knowledge of one or two individuals to permeate teams and departments. They worry about lost knowledge when employees leave the company, or knowledge that simply remains hidden. Consistently, they share a wish to make training more palpable, natural, and enable it to deliver rich information in a memorable, relatable way.

Narativ brings 20 years of listening and storytelling to bear on these critical issues in training. Storytelling has a unique ability to make training content engaging, accessible, and seriously sticky. Our skills as story-excavators and interviewers allow us to get to the core of your learning goals quickly and find the stories that turn concepts and abstract ideas into concrete, relatable teaching moments. Stories scale easily—think of any famous tale or myth—while preserving a quality of one-to-one personal transmission.

Onboarding Powered by Storytelling

Our work with Measure for Justices serves as an example of how unarticulated knowledge was discovered and used to produce highly-engaging training content, sharing the knowledge of one stakeholder across teams.

Key Benefits of Storytelling in the Onboarding Process

• put knowledge-seekers (listeners) in a reciprocal dialogue with knowledge-originators (storytellers)
• discover useful connections between seemingly unrelated knowledge assets
• replace costly and time-consuming workshops and reduce travel expenses
• transform data-heavy presentations into relatable, memorable story content
• build relationships from day one


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