Employee Onboarding Powered by Storytelling

Train New Hires with Stories from Their Peers

Narativ’s onboarding program addresses common gaps in the employee onboarding experience, in particular, weak involvement with the induction process, lack of job clarity, and poor cultural integration. Intriguing stories told by their peers give new hires unusual insight into the values and mission of the organization. They see what it took to live by the values and do their role—and ways to improve. It’s the difference between, “Welcome to the company and here is your desk” and “Let me tell you a little bit about why we do what we do, and how you can succeed.”

Stories hold valuable knowledge

Stories transmit knowledge in an experiential form, translating routinized processes, field insights, and mission and values into palpable, memorable, and actionable narratives. Throughout, they never fail to humanize your company in the eyes of new employees. Due to the social nature of stories, they are an effective means to build trust and create transparency. When new hires listen to carefully crafted stories told by stakeholders in your organization their onboarding experience transforms into a cultural journey in support of their success.

Stories enhances learning content

• brings key ideas to life through memorable moments and relatable experiences
• accelerates understanding because of the mind’s natural inclination to absorb and retain story information
• surfaces new knowledge that can have a transformative impact on onboarding outcomes
• scales mentorship through personal stories of leaders or managers
• creates a repository for organizational memory

What our clients say

• cuts down on the learning curve (6 months to 6 weeks in one case)
• helps to avoid common mistakes made in the first month
• creates a sense of belonging and ownership within the first week
• builds relationships and supports teamwork
• integrates seamlessly with existing onboarding strategies and platforms

Our program is delivered over 6 phases that include discovery, workshops, coaching, production, LMS deliverables, and impact measurement. Download the one sheet for more detail.

Case Story Video

Our work with Measure for Justice serves as an example of how one mentor’s stories were used to train a cohort of new hires.



a Case Story