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Personal stories connect salespeople to products and people

Sales effectiveness has everything to do with being real and not “salesy.” Experiences of pain-points around products and services, emotional turning points in the sales-customer relationship—these highly relatable stories create a baseline of trust. We train sales teams to leave pitch decks behind and go to the core of what makes their products work through personal stories. Envigorated by a fresh connection to the value of what they are offering, salespeople’s conversations with customers become more empathic and more effective.

We have experience addressing communication challenges such as:

• articulate messages quickly and efficiently
• improve on big decks loaded with data and little emotional resonance
• develop strong CTAs
• move beyond cliches and jargon
• make products and services less about features and more about the buyer’s emotional mindset
• give sales teams and representatives personal stories through which to connect with customers
• unearth and discover new brand attributes during times of change

Storytelling is the undisputed heavyweight of powerful communication because it allows you to personalize your sales pitch and make it relatable. We want your pitches to work on a human, emotional level. Our storytelling method has been designed and perfected over 25 years to achieve that goal. The workshop covers the following topics:

• Finding the right story for your audience
• Generating story power through only telling what happened
• Structuring your story around an ending, emotional turning point, and beginning
• Listening: Understanding how to connect to your audience
• Presentation

Participants will leave the workshop with a framework for a 4-minute story and all the tools they need to practice and refine it. Stories can be further practiced and recorded on the Narativ Practice Platform and saved to a Story Library.

4 or 6 hour workshop with Narativ trainers
Extended training on the Narativ Storytelling Practice platform

Our process
Discovery session to determine workshop goals, themes and storytelling prompts, and identify, when applicable, storytelling representatives from the team. The workshop follows at your location or delivered in a live webinar. A post-workshop survey measures impact. Extended practice sessions in person with Narativ trainers or guided online matures the listening and storytelling competencies imparted in the workshop.

Group size
12 – 250

Telling a compelling story is one of the essential skills in becoming a successful social
entrepreneur. When I first started working with Narativ, I wasn’t able to translate the passion of
our organization into my own stump speech. In just 4 sessions, Narativ was able to completely
transform both my story, and my story-telling technique.

Scott Warren

Founder and CEO, Generation Citizen


Storytelling is one of the – if not THE – single most important skills to master in order maximize your professional potential. Narativ’s storytelling methods have created a framework that empowers business leaders to connect to both the head and the heart of the individuals in their organization.

Craig Kostelic

Chief Business Officer, The Lifestyle Collection, Condé Nast

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