Executive Coaching

Cutting-edge leaders keep storytelling in their communication toolbox.


Leaders come to us for executive coaching when they want to use a story to:

1. Pitch their new idea or venture to funders and VCs
2. Crystallize their strategy to present to their team
3. Connect their mission, product or service with the needs of their prospective clients
4. Inspire and call their audience to action
5. Streamline their thoughts and processes into a clear narrative

The skills and confidence in presentation and storytelling that leaders develop through our coaching serve them as they define their leadership, explain the rationale behind a strategic shift or cross stormy seas at a time of organizational crisis. Whatever the context, the power of storytelling magnetizes and inspires employees to bond more deeply with the mission and values of the company.

Our storytelling coaching, tested over 25 years with executives from brands such as AFAR Media, Condé Nast, Moleskine, and Birchbox, achieves those outcomes and more.




narativ ceo jerome deroyLearn to tell your story in a rigorous and personally rewarding process that consists of the three steps of story creation: excavation, crafting, and presentation. Our trainers are deeply experienced in listening, interviewing, and assisting you to develop the most relevant and impactful stories for your goals. In addition, our time-tested storytelling methodology provides principles such as listening skills and an editorial tool, both of which you can immediately apply and replicate throughout your business communication.


Speak with us to design a personalized coaching package based on your needs.



Our package of 4 one-hour sessions conducted one-on-one either via Skype, phone or in person, includes email exchanges between sessions, reviewing new iterations and offering feedback.

If you have a particular event you are working toward, we will add a one-hour session to debrief and give you feedback at no extra charge.

Cost: $350 per hour or $1,200 for 4 one-hour sessions ($200 savings).

Contact Jerome Deroy to schedule a 15-minute conversation about your coaching needs.


What Our Clients Say


“Narativ’s storytelling methods have created a framework that empowers business leaders to connect to both the head and the heart of the individuals in their organization.” — Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, The Lifestyle Collection, Condé Nast

“Narativ knows storytelling. But they also know how to teach people to tell theirs. Their trainers will find the emotional core, the story within your story, and get you to connect with your audience in a way no one else will. They transformed my pitches into winners and helped me attain my fundraising goals.” —Amy Bach, Executive Director, Measures for Justice

“Narativ provided a coaching session for our presenters before a public Moleskine event. In a single session, they were able to help our group tell more concrete and effective stories. Narativ’s guidance and feedback during the session provided the direction and security that helped our presenters create a connection with the audience. The session also helped the group build a sense of community and made the organizations they represented at the event look human and smart.” —Erik Fabian, Director of Brand and PR, Moleskine America