Unlock your leadership potential with storytelling

Let’s face it. Storytelling may not be in the comfort zone of most executives. Especially because storytelling needs to be personal to achieve maximum impact with your audience. That takes a little risk and a willingness to show some vulnerability. When you go the distance, you’ll find your leadership reaches a new dimension. And your team or company will understand your vision in an entirely new way.


Our package of 4 one-hour sessions conducted one-on-one either via Skype, phone or in person, includes email exchanges between sessions, reviewing new iterations and offering feedback.

If you have a particular event you are working toward, we will add a one-hour session to debrief and give you feedback at no extra charge.

Contact Jerome Deroy to schedule a 15-minute conversation about your coaching needs.

What you will learn

Our storytelling method teaches you how to shape your story arc, streamline your thoughts, mine your experiences for great material, and present in a natural way that feels unrehearsed and genuine. Plus, without a doubt, you’ll learn something about yourself along the way. For over 20 years we’ve coached executives from brands such as AFAR Media, Condé Nast, Moleskine, and Birchbox.

Leaders come to us for coaching when they want to use a story to:

1. Crystallize their strategy and present to their team
2. Dramatize their mission, product, or service
3. Prepare for a presentation

What story do I tell?

Most of us don’t know exactly what the best story to tell is for a given situation. Or, how to craft what we do have in mind for maximum impact. Murray Nossel, the founder of Narativ and author of Powered by Storytelling, and his team of trainers, are expert listeners. It takes deep listening to provide the container for great stories to emerge. One-on-one coaching sessions create that container. Within it you will unlock your potential to be an outstanding communicator.


Narativ’s storytelling methods have created a framework that empowers business leaders to connect to both the head and the heart of the individuals in their organization.

Craig Kostelic

Chief Revenue Officer, Conde Nast

matt bahl profile cover

Read the profile of Matt Bahl, an executive from Prudential who utilzied Narativ coaching for a division-wide off site and told a unique and memorable story.

Narativ knows storytelling. But they also know how to teach people to tell theirs. Their trainers will find the emotional core, the story within your story, and get you to connect with your audience in a way no one else will. They transformed my pitches into winners and helped me attain my fundraising goals.

Amy Bach

Executive Director, Measures for Justice

Narativ provided a coaching session for our presenters before a public Moleskine event. In a single session, they were able to help our group tell more concrete and effective stories. Narativ’s guidance and feedback during the session provided the direction and security that helped our presenters create a connection with the audience. The session also helped the group build a sense of community and made the organizations they represented at the event look human and smart.

Erik Fabian

Former Director of Brand and PR, Moleskin