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My Experience
I've worked with leaders for 13 years to create stories that raise funds, portray mission and values, or help them boldly lead through times of change. 
My Story
I left a life in finance in Hong Kong to pursue a film-career in New York City. A help-wanted ad and a shoebox of ideas led me to become CEO of Narativ and share my passion for storytelling.
The Narativ Method
Developed during the AIDS crisis in New York by Murray Nossel, Ph.D., our 7-step method has one purpose: to connect you with your audience. 
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Narativ Storytelling Coaching 

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Clarify your "Why story? Why now?" in order to develop confidence in your call-to-action. No one enjoys a story that lacks direction.
Engage in the most rewarding "excavation" process of your career, where I go beyond the story to the core experiences that give it vitality and relatability.
Build a story-arc that doesn't feel self-promotional or sales-y, and use only sensory-detail to demonstrate your value while resonating emotionally with your listeners, viewers, readers. 

What a 4 session package contains:

Tell a story about your data and humanize your mission and values.
“Jerome knows storytelling. But he also knows how to teach people to tell theirs. Jerome will find the emotional core, the story within your story, and get you to connect with your audience in a way no one else will.”

Amy Bach
President, Measures for Justice


Let me coach you to a concise, powerful story.

Jerome Deroy
CEO, Narativ