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Storytelling is the most democratic form of creativity

Narativ’s co-founder, Murray Nossel, Ph.D., calls storytelling “the most democratic form of creativity.” The logic behind his statement is that anyone can tell a story. And we are already telling stories all the time in response to questions as simple as, “how

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More than a testimonial

Why are we inviting you to read this full-length testimonial? We can describe what we do, but when a client experiences it and can articulate the benefits, there’s nothing better. In particular, Shruti takes you through her story of learning storytelling that

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Online Meeting Preparation Guide

Creating a Dedicated Time and Space At Narativ, before we begin the process of excavating, crafting and presenting our stories in a workshop, we create what we call “a dedicated time and space.” Creating a dedicated time and space allows us to

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The Reciprocal Relationship of Listening and Telling

At the heart of our storytelling methodology is one key principle: The reciprocal relationship of listening and telling. What do we mean by “the reciprocal relationship of listening and telling”?  It’s actually happening to you now as you read this paragraph. You

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Sense-based storytelling

In a meeting where attention-spans may be short, you’ll be looking for a story that quickly grabs your audience’s attention, and leaves a strong impression. Ideally, your listeners would feel what you want them to feel (and be inspired to do what

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The AIDS Day Story

 An individual’s origin story defines who they are and why they do what they do. True also for an organization, which may begin with an individual’s origin story and later develop its own. In a way no prose can ever do,

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Oprah Winfrey & Storytelling- 2018 Golden Globe Awards Speech

“This year, we became the story.”- Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey became the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. de Mille award during this year’s Golden Globe Awards, the 75th anniversary of the event. She delivered an electrifying and presidential speech that

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How to excavate an origin story

“It’s not enough any more to say ‘we make widgets.’” Last year, The Harvard Review wrote an article about “strategic narrative.” “You want a story that inspires employees, excites partners, attracts customers, and engages influencers. A story that is concise but comprehensive. Specific

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