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Storytelling is the most democratic form of creativity

Narativ’s co-founder, Murray Nossel, Ph.D., calls storytelling “the most democratic form of creativity.” The logic behind his statement is that anyone can tell a story. And we are already telling stories all the time in response to questions as simple as, “how

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Craig Kostelic’s Story

A Leader Choose Vulnerability in a Moment of Change In Powered by Storytelling, Murray Nossel, Ph.D., documents over a series of chapters the story he developed with Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, US Advertising Revenue and Head of Global Advertising Solutions at Condé

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Brave leadership includes vulnerability

Leaders can skillfully show vulnerability through storytelling Brave leadership, as well-documented in articles such as Margie Warrell’s, “Seven Hallmarks of Truly Courageous Leaders,” encompasses a broad array of situations in which risk-taking, self-trust, and forthrightness can be considered key attributes. Action-oriented bravery

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More than a testimonial

Why are we inviting you to read this full-length testimonial? We can describe what we do, but when a client experiences it and can articulate the benefits, there’s nothing better. In particular, Shruti takes you through her story of learning storytelling that

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Virtual Training Program

Give flight to your storytelling initiative with a Narativ online workshop For 17 years, Narativ has brought people together in groups of 25 (and in some cases 400) to listen to and tell personal stories. Workshops broke barriers, humanized workers in each

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Culture Matters for Successful Employee Onboarding

A quick google search for “onboarding trends in 2019” reveals a growing recognition that cultural assimilation is an important factor in making your onboarding process successful. A quarter of Forbes Coaches Council members, when asked about their creative onboarding strategies, spoke to

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Our response to Covid-19

Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic begins with listening. What does the world sound like right now? What do you hear and feel when you take a moment to listen? Like everyone, we hear words and sounds of deep economic distress and

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Matt Bahl Profile

Matthew Bahl, Vice President of Financial Wellness Customer Strategies at Prudential, used a personal story about his father to bring his data to life at the Inclusive Markets Summit on Financial Wellness. His father’s life story illustrates the precarity of many American’s

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Online Meeting Preparation Guide

Creating a Dedicated Time and Space At Narativ, before we begin the process of excavating, crafting and presenting our stories in a workshop, we create what we call “a dedicated time and space.” Creating a dedicated time and space allows us to

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