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Opportunity for storytelling

The Opportunity Network Fellows Program helps underserved public school students realized their untapped potential by offering college and career guidance as well as lifelong networks of support. Narativ Trainers Jerome Deroy and Benaifer Bhadha were invited to coach these talented and motivated

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How to excavate an origin story

“It’s not enough any more to say ‘we make widgets.’” Last year, The Harvard Review wrote an article about “strategic narrative.” “You want a story that inspires employees, excites partners, attracts customers, and engages influencers. A story that is concise but comprehensive. Specific

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Storytelling…for an entire town!

Narativ is pleased to be collaborating with Next Stage Arts Project, the Town of Putney, Vermont, The Vermont Folk Life Center and Putney Historical Society in a project made possible by a National Endowment for the Arts grant. Together we will create

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Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ

Narativ's CEO Jerome Deroy demonstrates how storytelling instills culture and values

naturally in the onboarding. process.

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