The Narativ Method

Our method delivers predictable, repeatable results

illustration of the 7 steps of the Narativ Method

Storytelling based upon a methodology delivers predictable results. Narativ’s 7 step methodology contains an entire path of storytelling from start to finish.

Our training begins with discovery, by which we mean something more akin to an ethnographic assessment that looks at both needs and existing narratives for cultural context. The methodology ends with the philosophy of presentation and training in three core aspects of a good presentation, drawn from theater, body-arts, and psychology. In between, the method is driven by a fundamental principle: the reciprocal relationship of listening and telling. This principle differentiates the Narativ method from other storytelling techniques.

The reciprocal relationship of listening and telling

At the very heart of the narativ method is a principle known as the reciprocal relationship of listening and telling. How we listen effects how a story is told. Conversely, how a story is told impacts and changes our listening. When this straightforward fact is extrapolated and applied to cultures, we then talk about “the listening” of a team or entire organization. What factors shape how people hear information at your organization? Are there biases, fears, or attitudes that come simply from a lack of information? Any of these “shape the listening” and create obstacles to communication—and to hearing fully. Having identified these obstacles, stories can be told that surface, address, and heal them so that clear communication can flourish. The full potential of this observation is born out in steps 2 – 6 of the Narativ method.

In summary, the Narativ methodology lays the foundation for a communication modality in its own right. Not necessarily meant to supplant other forms of communication, but robust in and of itself, the method can be applied in meetings, personal conversations, and always as a framework for identifying and telling great stories.

Read the book

Murray Nossel, Ph.D., Narativ’s co-founder and Director, recently published Powered by Storytelling. It contains a description of the Narativ Method and its application to business storytelling. Learn more.

“We partnered with Narativ to conduct a team building exercise for Smirnoff. The objective of the activity was to unite key stakeholders behind one purpose, one brand strategy.  Narativ’s workshop provided a fantastic activity that not only connected the audience emotionally but had a positive impact throughout the rest of the conference.”

—Senior Account Executive, IrisWorldwide for client meeting: Diageo

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