We all have one. The story of that great idea.


That moment of inspiration. That collective group wisdom. These origin stories capture the fiber of our approach to life or our company’s mission.

When it comes to business storytelling, we can say that an origin story is the essence of our brand.

More than any tagline or branding position, an origin story dimensionalizes us. It brings people in on the ground level—and then helps them look up to the sky. Murray Nossel talks about how important origin stories are in this video. We highly recommend his workshop, Origin Story, happening online in March, 7, 2018.

The workshop takes place over four, 90 minute sessions delivered via Zoom at 12:00 pm ET. Participants will work with Murray and with each other in breakout groups as they learn the Narativ Method of Listening and Telling. Everyone will develop a 4 minute origin story by the end of the workshop. Use that story to communicate your vision, inspire your team, or take investors back to the impetus of your innovation.  Sign up at, http://bit.ly/2DvigNz


Learn more at workshop.narativ.com.

Having heard all this, you may have questions about storytelling’s application in business. Take our 7 questions quiz to dispel preconceptions – and get 30% off if you answer everything correctly.

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