Online Training and On-Site Workshops

Harnessing the power of the web, Narativ offers online storytelling training to participants worldwide. The training introduces the fundamentals of our method. For your business, we come to your office for half-day, on-site Workshops or extended Training Programs for the most complete instruction in the method and its application to business communication. Contact us for more information.

Online Training

Training in What Happened

This training session takes place from 12pm to 1:00pm EDT on:

  • December 13, 2016


Available only to Tell Your Story Workshop participants, this one-hour training session allows you to hone your story and storytelling skills using the What Happened Method with Narativ Lead Trainer, Benaifer Bhadha.

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On-site workshops in London

One-day listening and personal storytelling workshop


This workshop takes place on 30 January, 2017, from 10:30 to 17:30 in London.

Participants are led through collaborative exercises that foster specific skills of successful storytelling. Workshop participants work on two of their own stories, learning to connect with their audience, to reflect on their experiences in memorable ways, and to become more effective communicators.

Whether you are working on your personal story to make a piece of art, or for advocacy or personal development; or a professional story for leadership or career development; this workshop is designed to give you the tools to succeed!

Story Performance

Two Men Talking

Johannesburg 1974: A teacher asks two rival schoolboys to tell each other a story. Decades later, they meet by chance in New York and set out to transform the world through their real-life storytelling.

Two Men Talking is a live unscripted performance in which two men weave their life stories into a production that captivates audiences. Their story takes place between South Africa and New York City touching on issues of personal identity, HIV/AIDS, being Jewish in South Africa, and the creation of a lifetime friendship.

“Two Men Talking is our way of making sense of growing up white, Jewish, gay, and privileged under apartheid. Over the many years of creating our storytelling performance, we have listened to one another openly and non-judgmentally so that anything can be spoken. Our stories deal with difficult issues including harassment, homophobia, racism and AIDS, each of which has deeply touched our lives. We invite audience members to intimately share in our experiences. Two Men Talking combines elements of theatre, therapy and real life.

Our intention in performing is to create a sacred space, a moment of possibility that is healing for people and inspires audience members to tell stories of their own, and to value their own relationships. Each unscripted performance is absolutely unique in this continually transforming theatrical experience.”

Originally work-shopped at the Young Vic in London, Two Men Talking is the live performance of a friendship which began in Johannesburg in 1974 between Narativ’s founders, Murray Nossel, and Paul Browde. Created anew each time, the show has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, throughout South Africa and the West End in London, where it was selected as Time Out’s pick of the week.


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